Qatar Escalators have been installed at both the top and bottom of the escalator at the transition curve, If an object gets caught between the step and the skirting panel, the resultant pressure on the skirting panel will actuate one of these contacts, thereby disabling and switching off the escalator.

1.Steps materials divide Stainless steel & Aluminum alloy (both with Yellow Resin Demarcation Line optional )

a).Stainless steel Step: Surface bright, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and maintenance, weight more than aluminum

b).Aluminium alloy Step: Surface bright, Light weight, High strength, Corrosion resistance, Easy to clean and maintenance

2.Handrail color divide black and multi-color

a).Classic black for the customers staple choice

b).Multi-Colored (red, blue, green, gray, etc. ) that you can be based on your color preference to choice them freedom.

V. ES310-F The Electrical Control System Functions Intro:

1.Control system uses PLC program control.

2. intelligent frequency or ordinary operation choice

3.Complete system maintenance devices

4.Comprehensive monitoring and safety devices.

5.Over-load protection.

6.Assistance Function:

a).Safety braking (H>6M or as customer’s request);

b).Center lubricating system (as custome’s request);

c).The indicator light of operation direction. (Intelligent machine must be have or as customer’s request);

d).Handrail speed detection (over-speed, under-speed) (Optional function)

If a foreign object is trapped between the comb and the steps, the resulting pressing action will move comb plates backwards and actuate the safety contacts, thereby switching off the escalator. This relay monitors the motor working condition. In case of motor over loaded or overheated is over 120%, the escalator should be stopped.

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